Donation Request

Please provide a little information about your organization and why you think BlankieGram is a good fit. 


Are you a Nonprofit?                          

We primarily donate to nonprofits but there are exceptions to every rule. 


Donations come in cases of 20 Blankies, one color, one style. All we ask is the recipient pay the shipping fees. If you are local to the Pacific Northwest pickup arrangements can be made. 


We love to share our donation partnerships with our following on social media and in our newsletters. Many times, this attention is beneficial to the organization by helping spread awareness to a broader audience. If your organization would like to take advantage of this added bonus, we ask you to please send us information you would like us to share about your organization along with links to your website and social media. Photos are the best way to get attention we suggest photos of staff receiving the donation, a Blankie next to your sign, business card, or something with your logo. The best photos are photos of the blankies with the recipients but we understand that is not always possible.