Faith Blanket the Perfect Caring Gift (Purple)

Faith Blanket the Perfect Caring Gift (Purple)

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THE PERFECT CARING GIFT! Whether for your friends of Faith or those needing spiritual encouragement, this throw blanket is filled with blessings, hope and prayers.  Perfect for someone who is celebrating a special occasion or going through a challenging time. It's warm and comforting and you can choose from calming, supportive colors.  This lush Faith blankie is a thoughtful gift to touch hearts. 

A SOFT HUG WITH INSPIRING WORDS! Instead of the conventional flowers or a greeting card that will be put aside, send your friends and family a super soft cozy, snuggly blanket decorated with inspiring words. This Faith blankie is the best token of your affection and support for your special person! 

NO SHEDDING, NO SHRINKING! We at BlankieGram stand out from the crowd because we use only the finest, high-end quality materials to craft our luxurious blankets; that is how we ensure that they will not shed or shrink, and will be there to with your message for years and years to come!

Purple is known to help bring sleep, soothes mental and emotional stress and decrease sensitivity to pain. It may help in detoxification as well. Leonardo da Vinci proclaimed that you can increase the power of meditation ten-fold by meditating under its gentle rays. Just breathe-in and let the purple color envelop you in its compassion and calmness. This luxurious plush blanket is silvery blue because it represents serenity and harmony. This color helps soothe the mind and supports calmness, peace, and tranquility. Wrap them up so they can feel the warm hug and positive energy that is bound to touch your loved ones’ hearts!