Giving Back Matters at BlankieGram

We are so excited to bring to life an idea that we are passionate about! Our mission is to provide a product that brings positive healing energy to those who receive it (like a hug), by donating blankets to people in need.


Winnie Major, the Hospital Facility Chief Canine Officer, is our contact at Kapiolani Medical Center for Women & Children. Winnie and her human, Wendi Major, do very important, extremely sensitive work with children and their families. Wendi and Winnie are deservedly revered and admired throughout Hawaii and the therapy dog community worldwide. Winnie takes her job of comforting sick children very seriously.

Willow represents Pet Partners the national leader in demonstrating and promoting the health and wellness benefits of animal-assisted therapy, activities, and education. Teresa and Willow visit patients in various hospitals as well as families at Ronald McDonald House. Willow likes to have our Blankies on her Relaxation Cart to distributed with love and care to those needing some extra special comfort. 

Other donations include Doernbecher Children's Hospital, Veterans Administration, an urgent care center, a medical transport bus that drives rural chemo and radiation patients to and from treatments also a Crisis Support Network that supports men, woman, and children at their time of need, a cancer center and Low Income Housing facility. 

Legacy Salmon Creek

kapiolani Medical Center

Emmanuel Hospital

Oregon Health Sciences University

Providence Hospital

 Miss Amazing



LL’s Baytovan’s Foundation

Road to Hope

Help Us Grow Strong (HUGS)


Peace Health


Young Lives
(Ministry to Teen moms)


Johns Hopkins

5 Rock Ranch