Our Story

Comfort, Care & Positive Thoughts

Over the years as family members, friends or people I work with have experienced a serious illness or injury, I so wanted to send them some kind of get well wish that would last. Sending a card is nice, but fleeting. Flowers wilt, and plants need watering. I often thought how great it would be to have something they could wrap themselves in that reminded them that others were thinking of them - a cocoon of caring, focused on positive thoughts and healing colors.

It wasn’t until I was having dinner with a friend that it finally happened. I described my desire to wrap friends and family in comforting, encouraging thoughts, positive wishes, and even healing colors. Gene got it immediately! And at a time when he was just recovering from cancer and really understood the importance of a gift that the recipient will use every day and feel the love.

Our blankets are designed to deliver comfort and positive thoughts to the people you care about. We embrace and advocate the power of positive energy along with positive thoughts and colors which have been a foundation for healing throughout the ages.

Our mission is to support a wide variety of organizations who offer assistance to those going through serious personal issues. Through our '1 for 1' giving program we donate one blanket for every blanket purchased, to someone in need.

Thank you!

Shelly Pollock and Gene Banducci, co-founders of BlankieGram.com