Giving is at the Heart of BlankieGram

BlankieGram grew from a spark of an idea between two old friends: To be able to send a loving and thoughtful gift to somebody when you couldn't be there in person to give them a hug.

Our blankies are carefully designed to wrap the recipients in comfort and positive thoughts to remind them that others are thinking of them. When our "Healing Thoughts" blankies quickly became so popular, we realized they would make great gifts for other life events, so we put our heads together and the ideas flowed. We now offer blankies that support healing, comfort, bravery, meditation, faith, honor mothers, and that wrap all kinds of soft, warm hugs around the recipients.
We spend time finding the absolute best quality possible, carefully choosing the words and affirmations to be printed, and selecting colors that impart feelings of peace and security. The colors as well as the super-soft texture enhance the caring messages. With the lofty ambition of "wrapping the world in hugs", it was a quick connection to become a giving business, where we donate blankies to those in need. This allows us to give the gift of comfort and encouragement to somebody who might not otherwise receive any. Thanks to the support of our customers, we have donated many many thousands of blankies to hospitals, retirement centers, veterans, crisis centers, and other charitable organizations.
Hugs from our hearts to yours,

Shelly and Gene