Your Kindness Was Such A Beautiful Surprise

I know I've expressed my gratitude before, but I wanted to do so once again. Your kindness was such a beautiful surprise in the midst of a painful time for our community. The girls on our team delivered the blankets to the Saugus High School Dance Team shortly after they returned back to campus. While we know that healing will take time, we hope that your blankets provide them with a measure of warmth and a reminder that so many people are thinking of them.

When I informed you that you were sending us two extra blankets we didn't need, you replied that they were just in case anyone else needed some comfort. Shortly after the Saugus shooting, we found out that two young boys who graduated just last year from our school (West Ranch High School) passed away in an awful car accident. Your blankets went to each of their families. 

On behalf of all of us at West Ranch Dance Team, our heartfelt gratitude for your graciousness. 

May 2020 be a year of abundant blessing for you. We will forever be fans of your company and I will be ordering them as gifts whenever I can! 

Patty Park

for the West Ranch Dance Team

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